Live Music Video

Electronic Landscape

Electronic Landscape is a 3-part video series documenting performances by jazz band Maës performing at Berklee College of Music.

Aaron Aguayo - assistant engineer/videographer
Quay Schaus - assistant engineer/videographer
Armando González Sosto - recording and mix engineer, videographer, video editing Luca Frugone - mastering engineer

Why Another - The Air

This video captures Why Another at a performance in The Red Room, a venue in Boston, MA.

Video recording by Noa Schneorson and Julián Picado
Video and audio edited by Armando González Sosto


Manfrank is a Costa Rican rock band, and this video series captures the performance of three of their compositions.

Audiovisual production was realized by Armando González Sosto

Live Improv with Adi Malka
Armando González Sosto - electronics, projections, programming, mix
Adi Malka - drums
Performed live at The Red Room in Boston, MA May 10, 2018